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David Rose

David Rose is a former Recon Marine. After surviving Iraq, Afghanistan, and the United States Judicial System – he landed on top of a master’s degree in philosophy. The current mission at hand is the merging of two literary genres: Military and Counter-Culture. His writing focuses primarily on taboo elements within and surrounding America’s fighting forces.

From Sand and Time engages a cataclysmic self-reflection coming with the complexities, times, and demands of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. An evocative collection of rhyme and free verse, From Sand and Time,

weaves through ambition and belief, doubt and loneliness, deployment, combat, and what waits thereafter.



Centered on the 2004 battle of Fallujah, No Joy sees David recounting madcap tales of Muay Thai bouts in seedy garages, a bizarre stint as a street cop, being on the other side of the badge, becoming a veteran of the psych ward, and more. It's an irreverently told story that doesn't just tell one man's tale, but speaks to the necessary question: What really draws modern young men to war?

"The refreshingly distinctive memoir is a mix of both situations plus a generous dose of partying -- all in the service of trying to explain 'why so many Millennial men chose to experience War.' With less profound references -- to dick tricks, poles, and holes -- Rose is a thinking person's Tucker Max, a guy who has fun philosophically." - The Military Times

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