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Leo Jenkins

Since serving as a Special Operations medic for 3rd Ranger Battalion in Iraq and Afghanistan, Leo Jenkins has traveled through over fifty countries, drank a beer in every state in the U.S. of A. and authored four books. 

Lest We Forget is a rare look inside the experience of an Army Ranger medic. The compelling true story of what it takes to become and work as a special operations combat medic during the height of the global war on terrorism.


Raw, Evocative, Intelligent; With a Pen is whiskey infused poetry that sheds light on
love and war
First Train Out of Denver is destined to take its place alongside the great travel essays of our time. Outwardly a story of travel and adventure it is cleverly interlaced with humor, philosophy and social observations written with a descriptive flair that is often remarkable and at times beautiful. Jenkins has blurred the line between poetry and prose.

On Assimilation explores the tribulations associated with reintegration into society after years at war. In what is being considered one of the most significant introspective on veteran transition issues

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